Penshurst Village Fete – In Celebration of Our National Armed Forces

Sunday June 11th 2017

12 – 4pm

The Penshurst Village Fete is an annual event where the community of Penshurst and it’s surrounding villages come together for a fun filled day of activity and entertainment for families and individuals to engage with one another, share each others company and celebrate being part of a wonderful community.

This year’s theme has been carefully selected by the committee as an issue of significant national and local interest relevant to the community. We are truly thankful for the those who risk their lives to serve and protect us, enabling us to feel safe on home ground.   Penshurst itself has a strong historical tie to the Armed forces and a commitment to recognising those in the community who served to protect it.

We dedicate our annual fete celebration this year as being our local celebration to show appreciation of the work of the National Armed Forces in conjunction with ‘ Armed Forces Day,’ the annual national campaign that gives everyone the opportunity to show their support for the men and women of the Armed Forces past and present, including currently serving troops, Service families, Reservists, veterans and cadets.

Similar events will be taking place across the UK, enabling people to come out and show their support, giving a much-valued morale boost for Armed Forces personnel and their families. This year’s national event takes place in Liverpool, on June 24th which is Armed Forces Day. We celebrate on Sunday June 11th as this is the date of our fete this year, hence a positive way for the community to be one of the first to launch the celebrations.

The UK Armed Forces defend the country and its interests.This year, in the village of Penshurst, we choose to use our festive community  family fun day to celebrate and say a big Thank You.

 A traditional village fete with lot’s of fun games and activities. We have an interesting range music and entertainment.  Of course we have animals, birds of prey and the dog show as well as an  amazing selection of food and drink. Also, the shopping and browsing. at our trade stalls..well, it’s somewhat unique and  pretty fantastic.